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It just, like, showed up in my mailbox, and it had CrackMonkey all over it.
And that stuff's tough to scrape off, let me tell you.
--Rick Moen

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In order to serve you better, the International Crackmonkey Syndicate provides you with several free and open-source programs for you to download. Share and enjoy!

  1. DeCSS
  2. PyDeCSS

1: DeCSS

Yes, folks! Here for you to download is the infamous DeCSS software! This version requires Perl 5, and is extremely small and easy to ferret away in a body cavity in the event that the Norwegian secret police come knocking down your door and begin wantonly frisking you!

DeCSS is licensed under the Artistic License, so pass it on to your friends! For more history on DeCSS, check out the Pigdog Journal DeCSS distribution pages.

DeCSS Now!

2: PyDeCSS

Aaron Malone has ported the excellente DeCSS program into the equally fantastico Python language! Python runs on many platforms, including Windows, Macintosh, and POSIX systems (such as GNU/Linux or FreeBSD). This version comes without documentation, so you may wish to download the above versions for help in using it.

As with the Perl verision, PyDeCSS is under the Artistic License.

  • decss.py - a python port of DeCSS by Aaron Malone! Beaujolais to that!
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